Awake and Alive: Being What You Already Are

“Wednesday, September 18, 2002 the I that perceived the world as I had known it to be fell away completely. As of the date of this writing, it has not returned.”This book charts the spiritual journey of Dr. Michael Hall from his moment of awakening in 2002 to present day. The reader will learn of Dr. Hall’s life “before” and life “after” awakening to the profound spiritual truths he learned and lives by through the experience of Zen Buddhism. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Hall integrates spirituality with psychotherapy as he guides his clients towards a new way forward in their lives. Readers of Awake and Alive will learn these truths for themselves and will find new freedom in Dr. Hall’s words describing “no-mind” and how it may be experienced. Each chapter of this book resonates with insight the world is hungry for. Readers of this book will be forever changed by Dr. Hall’s visionary approach to learning the truth of what is spiritually so for all of us.
This book is dedicated to all those courageous women and men who recognized the light of awareness and kept it shining in the world. Without the dedicated efforts of so many throughout space and time this work could never have been written. We stand on the shoulders of giants.
Dr. Michael Hall
Clinical Psychologist